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Surface iron jig fishing is a West Coast style type of fishing with long rods with smooth-casting conventional reels. Combining long 8 to 10 foot rod such has our United Composites Exclusive 85 S.I.C matched with a classic star drag Newell or modern Shimano Trinidad and you’ve got a unique SoCal style of fishing.

Surface iron jig fishing blends elements of fly fishing into it, lining up the cast and presenting it just right while keeping current and wind in mind. Fishermen must retrieve the jig back to the boat at the perfect clip depending on choice of lure and conditions at hand.

The actual style requires a simple cast and retrieve — it doesn’t matter if your are fishing 5 or 1,000 feet. Surface iron jig fishing are effective for “cruising” surface fish, fish that feed just below the surface, and even raising fish from moderate depths.

Casting and retrieving surface iron is the only truly test to see how it swims, but fishermen can look for specific favorable characteristics here at Surface irons are produced by either sand casting or die casting, this means the iron is crafted from a mold. Lightweight aluminum is one popular metal for surface iron, while vertical yo-yo jigs are often made from brass or zinc.

Our popular surface irons include the Tady 45, Salas 7X, Killer Jigs and Pep Jigs, although different lengths, weights and colors are available for when game fish are keyed on specific baits.