About Killer Jigs

Killer Jigs have been around for a long time. Some of the shapes may actually be familiar to you as the premise for Killer Jig designs was to take the most popular jigs of the time and replicate the shapes and thus create great swimming jigs. Back in the early 2000’s, Randy Penny brought the popular Killer Jigs back to the market. Although they were a true South Bay local jig, the distribution along with their popularity began to grow. These jigs have always been known to be fish catching power-houses and they have never let anyone down. In 2015, the company took another leap forward. Not only were they made available to everyone from the San Fernando Valley to San Diego, but a select number of jigs made it to the brass foundry and ultimately to the mouths of hungry yellowtail, tuna, and wahoo. The YoYo Jig fishing community had a new player and with the durability of solid casting brass, the jigs were holding up well. The company has come a long way. It brings with it over two decades of sh catching history. Like its fellow subsidiary companies, Killer Jigs may just be one of the newest old companies in the fishing business.