Over the past 10 years, Salas has a been West Coast staple in surface iron fishing, a multi-generation producer of effective “iron” in the West Coast tradition. Salas invented, perfected several shapes of surface iron that are classics, and they can be found in the tackle boxes of any experienced fisherman out in California. Let’s just say, Salas is a basic part of our fishing culture here and a product line that is universally recommended by the long range fleet, just as Tady Jigs are well supported within the community. . Salas and Tady are the standards out here in Southern California, and doubt you’ll find any saltwater fisherman who does not own at least 20 jigs from each of these two firms. We own ’em and we fish ’em…often. While these have been West Coast standards, Fishermen on the East Coast who also make great use of these lures. For a few of the charter guys, these are their “secret” weapons for when the fishing gets tough. The surface iron do great things on stripers, and no doubt the big iron in white will produce tuna for you just like they do for us. Amberjacks? Well if the yellowtail eat ’em like candy you can assume their cousins will too…and they do.

Salas makes a wide range of “irons” but they are most commonly associated with “heavy iron”. Their products are all hand made, hand painted, typically sand cast, and effective lures for yellowtail and many other species of fish. You could say that they’re the definitive heavy iron. Salas and Tady are the standards in creating the perfect surface iron. Ask any hardcore fisherman in So Cal and they will show you their sets of jigs. They range from chrome to the hot all around color of “Mint”. Check our variety of Jigs below.