Tady makes great West Coast Iron, excellent action and finishes. They have been a go-to for folks heading offshore for yellowtail and tuna. Tady prepared some new models to take advantage of the unprecedented tuna bite we’ve seen in years¬†past. First off, they made their popular 45 in a HEAVY version with single hooks. The larger profile has proven quite effective on the local bluefin. They’ve also rigged up their slightly smaller AA‘s with stainless steel single tuna hooks of high quality.¬† Lastly, you’ll note two uniquely finished jigs with holographic attention getting cosmetics. These new jigs are available with treble hook (preferred for yellowtail and stripers) or with the super strong stainless tuna hooks. This season we’ve seen the benefits of going deep for bluefin, and iron like our own Slash and Wedge lures have proven themselves quite well.

In stock we have various discontinued Tady Jigs that are very hard to find. All jigs original and NOT RE-PRODUCTIONS.