Yellowtail below The Coronado Island – Jason Hayashi

Ali, myself and Anello found a school of yellowtail tuna that was under the birds East and South of The Coronado Island in the middle of no where with the fleet just outside of us on their own fish. The fish were up from 8am until 10am.
Landed our 15 for limits then played around with another 10-15 fish each released. Then we went home.

We got to play with lots of different jigs seeing what works and what doesn’t. We would fish a jig until it didn’t catch a fish, 2 cast, 1 fish the jig stayed tied on. If it didn’t hook up it got swapped with another one. The fish really wanted a fast wound jig.
In the end these were the hot jigs out of my box. Salas Baby 5x, Killerjigs 7, 65, CB1 and a Tady 45. The other hot jigs were a Tady C in dorado color and a teal Tady 45.


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Report Credit @Jason Hayashi

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